Monday, May 09, 2005


Review by Michael Jaffe

I was so extremely angry with Dimension Studio after they pushed my man LL Cool J's new flick back over a year in January 2004 until now. When the film was first set to be released I cleared a saurday to see it. When the film was pushed back, I went and saw a screening any way. How I did this is confidential, but I can tell you I enjoyedthis film more than any other Renny Harlin Film. It had good actors, a decent mystery plot and best of all, alot of real hokey but awesome deaths. Christian Slater gives one of his worst performances ever, and Val Kilmer mails it in, but LL is as cool as ever and Johnny Lee Miller shows why his career is on the rise putting his all into what could've been a dreadful flick. The director, Mr. Harlin has been responsible for some of the worst films of all time, and this could've been one of those flicks, but Wayne Kramer provides a solid, no where near very good, but one that allows the actors to do their things and allows Mr. Harlin to do one of the few things he knows how to do: kill people in creative ways. Wayne Kramer, who's other 'main stream' film was 'The Cooler,' which was a quirky, off-beat romantic comedy, so the versatility he displays is astonishing. This film in truth shocked the hell out of me. I sat and watched a film that was more like 'Deep Blue Sea,' another of Mr. Harlin's films I enjoyed, than 'Cut Throat Island' or 'Exorcist: Beginning' both films I classify as toxic waste that should never be viewed by any hunam being with a working brain. Overall, this is a popcorn flick for fans of violence and a sneaky mystery plot that doesn't require a ton of thinking 6.5/10

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