Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lebron gets hated on by MJ in Nike Ad Mashup

God damn, MJ shits on Lebron in this Ad. I know its early in the season, but the Heat aren't that good and I am ok with that. It comes down to the difference between MJ and Lebron, not only in the ad but in reality: MJ is a winner and Lebron isn't. Lebron may be more talented, more physical, more alot of things, but at the end of the day MJ didn't like losing and simply didn't let it happen. By pure will, MJ won games and won championships. Bill Simmons isn't my favorite, but in his book, he pointed out how MJ would get bored and pray that someone started talking shit, so he could get fired up and dominate. I see none of that fire in Lebron. If someone talked shit to him, he might just ask for a trade as opposed to suiting up, getting on the court and kicking their ass. WTF Lebron? How did you fall so far that even Tiger is more likable to the church crowd that you are?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jean Grey - Bridge(Produced by RJD2)

Jean Grey is damn good. I mean, in this track alone she makes a Kevin Smith ViewAskew reference. Which is really all that is required of a song. And RJD2 making beats is good, good news.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food One-Upmanship

After the otherdays epic looking sandwich, I found some guys who drink in Canada and make crazy sandwiches. I don't think I'd order one of them, either The Death of the Double Down or The Greatest Sandwich Ever.

Contains: "20" french toasted Parisian baguette, a hot dog, poutine, quebecois steamy, bacon sandwich covered in 100% pure maple syrup from the tit of The Mother Maple Tree." Their description alone is horrifying.

Contains: Chicken, burgers, bacon, onion rings, mac n cheese and other stuff STACKED SO HIGH

And then they did this.

A cute girl eating a deep fried roll of meat.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best Food Thing Ever?


A maple bacon and egg sandwich on mac and cheese pancakes from Shopsin.

Maple bacon eggs on Mac and Cheese pancakes???? Get the fuck out of here. Put some syrup on that and It is everything you could want. No bullshit. Pancakes and bacon are a win, but the mac and cheese is cuts. Just fucking nuts.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kobe Bryant 'Call of Duty' ad

Any outrage about the Kobe Bryant ad is nuts. They can complain all they want, but it can’t change the fact that the ad is basically the reason that I bought the game. I can’t think of a more out of touch person than Skip Bayless, who I loathe so much that he makes me like Kobe. And I confess not hating Kobe as much as I used to now that David Stern has ripped my basketball loving heart out. But that is another story. This is about how we live in a gun loving culture, at least in through our media, and suddenly we are up in arms about Kobe in a video game commercial wielding a gun? Should Shaw be suspended for his guns in ‘Steel’? I mean, he should, but not because of the guns in the movie. Or what about the NBA preview in ESPN pairing them up with comic book characters? Clint Barton is a abuser of women, Wolverine kills around 17 people per issue he is in, Bullseye is an assassin, Weapon X is a torture program, and Deadpool ate somebody once. I know comic book imagery isn’t the same as Kobe holding a gun, but the key message is the same and that is the NBA believes its fans can differentiate between what is real and what isn’t. I don’t know if it is completely true based on some of the Kobe reactions I’ve seen (ESPN video below), but I think generally people don’t give a shit and think the ad is damned good and sells a damned good product. Skip Bayless saying that the ad is bad because the US is involved in a war and soldiers are over seas shows that he really has no idea what is going on in the world and that he should get off my TV and back to the commercials.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Glee'. Fuck it.

Every time I watch even a clip from 'Glee' when they do a song I think I might like, I just feel very uncomfortable about how awkward the performances are. Aside from the acting being bad, the script holding a lot of secret grudges against its characters, and it being a musical, ‘Glee’s crutch is the poorly dubbed and misguided ‘whitening’ of pop songs. I confess that I have seen only the pilot and a few clips from the show, but more than a handful of times I have seen their songs posted online and been intrigued. Unfortunately the most recent video I saw was Gweneth Paltrow, a talented actress, performing the radio friendly version of Cee-Lo’s “Forget You”. About 5 beats into the song, the hair on my neck stood up because of how damned awkward the performance is. It is a trend that I have seen in the shows clips.

I should say that I do not enjoy musicals as a whole (other than Gene Kelly) and feel that the songs just serve to extend a weak story’s run time. ‘Glee’ suffers from this because without the songs, it would be just another CW show that would get cancelled after a season without anyone noticing. Ryan Murphy, the shows creator, has done some good things (Nip/Tuck, Running with Scissors, Popular) but seems to have realized that people like white kids singing soulless versions of radio hits. It is smart on his part to sellout, but damn…Gweneth Paltrow singing a shitty version of “Fuck You” on a network TV show makes me sad. Unless Cee-Lo spent his ‘Glee’ check on something awesome, like a lifesize ice sculpture of himself. Or Curt Schilling’s bloody sock. Or a brothel in Vegas. How much do you get for selling a song to TV? Enough to buy a 17th century bathtub filled with French butter to spread on diamond crusted sourgdough? I like how anytime I try to make a rational argument on this site, I wind up letting my guard down and just typing what I’m actually thinking. To get back to my point, I do not like ‘Glee’, I don’t like it’s songs and I don’t think I’ll ever watch another clip unless they either have the girl who fills their racial minority and fat/unattractive quota sing Al Jolson or one of the pretty white people (everyone else on the show but that asian girl? And a black cheerleader.) do…actually no, fuck it, no way am I going to watch ‘Glee’. It isn’t my shit and I am going to stop trying to understand why people watch a show that so obviously tries to show love to everyone. Can’t they say fuck you to anyone? Not on network TV.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

After Hours - Why 'Back to the Future' Is Secretly Horrifying

This is all true, but that doesn't make 'Back to the Future' any less awesome. I mean, 'Star Wars' is fantastic, but it is also apparently secretly racist.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Clean Looking Music Videos

Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars (Dir. Phil Pinto)

Sleigh Bells "Infinity Guitars" from Phil Pinto on Vimeo.

This video for the Sleigh Bells is pretty damn good. I like the track and the lead singer does a pretty good "I don't give a fuck" strut with the varsity jacket and the baseball bat. But this video just dropped and it made me flash back to a few months ago when some of my favorite video directors, the duo BBGUN, did a really sick one take video for J. Cole's single "Who Dat"...

J. Cole - Who Dat (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

The whole damned video is truly one take with all the explosions and the TV cut in...couple with a dope song, I love this video. It looks so clean to, shot on 35 mm, which looks almost as good as The Red, which BBGUN used on this...(watch it in HD)...

Donnis - Gone (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Donnis is good, but I don't like this song as much for him because of the largely electro synthetic that lacks a good drum, and the concept is a combination of 'Memento' and 'The Hangover', which is an idea that I definitely fucks with. But did you watch fullscreen HD? Damn if that isn't impressive looking.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Al Pacino

Al Pacino is undoubtedly one of the greatest film actors of all time, but his fall these last 10 years is pretty terrible. Pacino along with Brando and De Niro were so good at the height of their powers before they fell into making just bad movies. Pacino though, used to be such a subtle actor, always about to explode. Watch Godfater Part II, and he always is about to explode into something otherworldly, a rant and explosion of such ferocity that you get pushed back in your seat like a plane taking off. Scarface fucked him up by having him do nothing but yell, which he suddenly thought was the only way to work. You Don’t Know Jack was great, his recent Jack Kevorkian film for HBO, but I think his speech in Devil’s Advocate at the end is so good, so perfectly delivered, that it makes up for his recent failures. He rants, yes, but it is controlled and completely within character as Satan. It is probably made better in comparison to the rest of the movie and Keanu’s faux southern accent, but damn if him laughing and discussing freewill at the end doesn’t make me grin with pleasure at the quality and brilliance of it all. So good on its own, it blanks out Righteous Kill and 88 Minutes from my mind. Still can’t believe Keanu killed himself at the end. Such a Jesus friendly cop out. If you knew that you were the son of the devil, why would you kill yourself? Catholic guilt is a bitch, but Pacino sure as hell isn’t.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nicki Minaj - Your Love video. I can explain

Michael Jai White, one of the most under appreciated action stars ever, who got screwed over by a flop of a Spawn movie, is in this as a karate instructor. And thanks to autotune, she doesn't really sing on what is an overwhelmingly 'Meh' summer hit song.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Star Wars Adidas Commercial edits the Cantina Scene

As ridiculous and funny as this is, it's less offensive edits than having Greedo shoot first. In this, he gets it in the back while talking to Beckham. Def in the spirit of the original.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Would the NBA allow someone like Reggie Miller to even exist anymore? I just finished watching ‘Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks’ and he is amazing. His career stats aren’t that great, only over 20 points a game a few times, but his legend is so much greater due to his showmanship, I really wonder if someone with the flops and the trash talking would be allowed in today’s family friendly NBA. Mind you, I have nothing hatred and distain for the NBA and their commissioner, David Stern. But I love basketball, can’t deny it, so I watch the NBA because the games are occasionally not a waste of time and are actually good basketball. But, in my mind, it was more an indictment of the business of sports no longer being for the same audience it once was, it is all designed for mothers because the NBA wants to sell to fathers and children on family outings because that’s just more tickets, candy and jerseys. Oh well…great documentary by the way, I encourage you all to watch it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Asher Roth "Muddy Swim Trunks"

Asher Roth - Muddy Swim Trunks (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Not my favorite song from the Roth boy, but the video shot by BBGun looks great. Real smooth, 2:30 one take where random stuff goes down in the grocery store.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Swagger Wagon

Dope video by Jody Hill. Just, btw, it kills hip-hop worse than the south ever did.

Monday, April 26, 2010

ModHero Comic Posters


Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter

This video is pretty dope, but ill be damned if I really love this song. I think the verses are catchier than the hook though. Sad the tracks so short.

And side note, hooray for me on my 100th post!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y Interview Outakes

If you thought that Wiz was a little quiet in the first one, we now see that his gems weren't deemed worthy of the first episode. "Sandal Man!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

'B.o.B Presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray' Makes Me Cry

I was so excited. ‘B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray’ was amazing. 22 tracks with the first half more rapping and the second half more singing, but all catchy and really well done, adhering to B.o.B’s core elements that brought him to peoples attention in the first place. It probably should’ve been his first album. There are at least 5 or 6 tracks that could’ve gotten serious airplay on Hip-Hop/Urban radio. Up until his ‘May 25th’ mixtape from earlier this year, I really believed the young gun from Decatur, Georgia could do no wrong. But then when ‘May 25th’ finally did drop, I realized that he had changed. I breezed past most of the songs, none of them having the same strong lyrics tied to uptempo beats that had catchy hooks. He was already set for stardom, but these songs seemed to be more pop music. The song that just sold over 1,000,000 copies digitally, ‘Nothin on You’ featuring Bruno Mars is really pretty awful. He raps ok, but instead of being something that you would consider bumping loud and proud as you nod your head, I really just considered passing it off to some friends 13 year old sisters as the next pop sensation. It just sounds so weak. He sings and plays his guitar more at his shows than rapping anymore. I think his evolution can best be summarized by when I recently saw B.o.B open up for Lupe Fiasco, his sidekick Playboy Tre, who is a great rapper on his own, with mixtapes of his solo material that bring the heat, was standing off on the side of the stage for most of the show looking sad except for the 2 songs that he cam out to drop verses for ‘Bet I Bust’ and ‘Voltage’, which both have what you really want from hip-hop: fucking soul! He just looked so sad, the liquor store mascot, chilling in his fitted while Bobby Ray bounced around with an acoustic guitar and sang more tracks that sound more like Fallout Boy than anything Outkast would put out. 
            He used to be praised as potentially the next Andre 3000, a skinny youngster from Atlanta who rapped and sang with proficiency about streets and girls, but also just random thoughts that went on in his head. B.o.B first came to my attention about 4 years ago when my friend Brandon played ‘Cloud 9’ in the car one day, causing me, the driver, to slow the car and bob as the bass line flowed out of the speakers and B.o.B rapped in his sing song, nasally voice before singing the hook himself. The song was sad, it was emotional, it was ridiculously sick for a guy who was 18 at the time. The sky was the limit from there, which is fitting to say because after ‘I’ll Be In The Sky’ started gaining momentum, I was geeked that he could reach the pinnacle of rap music and really get to Andre 3000’s level. But I’ll be damned if somewhere along the line, in the last year and half, if something hasn’t changed in the boy to make him just not as good an artist. It’s sad to see his devolution from promising rapper, to great artist to really mediocre pop music, all in the course of three years. He could redeem himself, to me, with some more music that sounds like it used to, music that makes me turn my head and pay attention and smile along with him, but from what has leaked from his new album so far, including a song with the lead singer of Paramore, I have absolutely no intention of paying money for the album like I have with other up and coming artists first releases whose singles actually sounded like the music that made me pay attention in the first place. I have attached two videos below, one fore ‘Haterz Everywhere’ which is from his ‘Cloud 9’ Mixtape, and the other for his new single ‘Nothin on You’. Also, the download link for a mixtape of untagged and mastered tracks from his mixtapes called ‘Should Have Been the First Album’, which only makes me more upset about the actual first album.

B.o.B featuring Rich Boy 'Haterz Everywhere'

B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars 'Nothin On You'

Download: B.o.B - Should Have Been the First Album

Friday, April 16, 2010

Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa Interview Could Be My Favorite

Sooo...MTV had someone interview Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, two very botanical rappers, and I don't think that anyone told the lady interviewer what she was exactly getting into with these guys. Hilarity ensues.

"Did I Win?"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dope Nike Stickball Commerical

Nike Stickball Tournament from NANO on Vimeo.


Shot real dope of one fashionable stickball game in the street, featuring Va$htie and Q-tip on the ones and twos. Looks great. Facebook won't take it, but the site has it. HD baby!

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