Friday, January 29, 2010

The Losers and The A-Team

I really can’t tell you in written words how big my smile is as I am writing now. I almost started this piece by saying that I had a dilemma on my hands choosing which movie I was more excited for: THE LOSERS or THE A-TEAM. One of them is directed by the guy who did STOMP THE YARD, a movie that I will never see, but stars Stringer Bell, The Comedian, Zoe Saldana and the always really, really good Chris Evans and is based on a comic book series that I have read numerous times because it is brief, tightly wound and so damn fun. THE LOSERS trailer that came out today looks exactly like a movie based on the book should. It looks fast paced and fun. No one is going to try to win any awards from it, but I can already predict that the movie will get about an 8 or a 9 out of 10 from me when it is released on April 9th. It is a movie that we see often in Hollywood, but rarely seen done with the right mix of humor, sexy time and explosions. Michael Bay puts too much of those things in his movies, deletes most of the humor and takes away the fun, light heartedness of the movie. Films like TANGO AND CASH and STAR TREK get the balance, and while some of you might hate on TANGO, I personally adore that movie because it never hesitates in its relentless drive to be as unserious as possible. TREK also, despite having moments of seriousness, was pretty much the most fun I’ve had at a theater in a long time. And that’s why THE LOSERS gives me hope that maybe more of these 90 minute funfests will actually be good. John Cena has tried a couple of times to make these kind of movies and failed miserably. THE A-TEAM looks like it could do this right. It’s directed by Joe Carnahan, who hasn’t made a bad movie yet, but that’s because he has really only made 2 movies because of the incredible amount of bad luck he has had with his productions. NARC was a brilliant little crime film that made Ray Liotta really scary, and SMOKIN’ ACES had some issues, but also  had enough brilliant moments due to its nonstop pace to be a movie I can firmly say I enjoy. THE A-TEAM also has a bang up cast and is based on a tv show that lends its concept well to big budget action. I think the trailer for that has me hesitating a little bit however, and I can’t definitively say why, but it was the same sort of hesitation I had the first time I saw the trailer for WOLVERINE last year. Great looking action scenes, good one liners, good looking story, but something just isn’t right. I will hold final trailer judgment for a more complete look at the plot (assuming there is one). So right now I have to say that I am little more excited for THE LOSERS but really, both films look like really badass action movies that I will probably go see at midnight. Dudes blowing shit up on film is gonna come back big, Fuck avatar, the god damned fern gully knock off.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Nike SB 2010 lineup

Kicks on Fire'has a complete listing of whats coming out. I'm looking at you boat shoes.
Other than that, not really a good looking year for the SB line. But for some reason, those boat shoes got me really looking hard. The green Hi's are ok also, but I wouldn't pay money for them. The black P-Rod III's are really damn ugly in my book and the Zoom Bruin's are pretty 'meh'. Boat Shoes!


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