Friday, June 12, 2009

The Hangover

I saw this and loved it, so I figured that I would put a little something up on the site about it. Not necessarily a formal review, but just saying how the film's plot is pretty bland and boring. But it worked so well, the combination of the actors, the set pieces and the cameos that were spoiled in the trailer (Tyson...) all fit together in a pretty jumbled mess of all the worst possible scenario's for a Vegas weekend. There are huge plot jumps and scenes that really don't fit together but everything just gets piled up on top of one another so fast that you are still laughing from the previous joke to really notice that things don't quite fit...The theatre for my Wednesday night screening was packed though, and the laughing was so hard that I probably missed half of the lines. And the theater had this new Icee beverage that tasted just like Jolly Rancher, so between laughter and my drink, I think I saw about a third of the flick and loved it alot. Gotta rent it though when it comes out to give it a real hard disection, as every drunken idiot movie that I love does.

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