Saturday, October 31, 2009

hoobastank does ghostbusters

i really don't think that i've heard the name hoobastank since middle school, but i saw this and had to throw it up because ghostbusters is an amazing movie and this is a pretty damn good version. i wanna say its as good as a cover can get by not totally doing "their interpretation" and fucking it up like so many usually do.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nothing new, but some odd music stuff and what I've seen.

So...haven't seen a movie in a while but realize that it's been a few months since I've put anything up so I figured I would just write anything to say that I haven't been slacking. Even though I most certainly have been slacking. Lotta music stuff going on lately though. New Lil' Wayne dropped the other day and it's mostly autotune free and he raps and that's pretty enjoyable, although no where as exciting as Dedication 2 was the first time I heard this frog voiced kid who did "the block is hot" tear down other peoples beats. Also, Mike Posner put out a free mixtape that leaked early for no apparent reason but it's really damn good stuff. As for movie stuff, I just saw 'Scream' for the first time in a while and it really is just such a tightly wound satire of horror movies that scares pretty good on it's own, still after all these years. Jamie Kennedy's best work by far. Gotta go out and find the other 2 before Halloween on Saturday...Oh man! I also finally saw Righteous Kill, the Deniro/Pacino cop movie and it's one of the most depressingly bad movies I've seen in a while. I usually love those terrible cop movies but not if it has multi-oscar winners in the lead. And a pretty amazingly good cast around them, but there are some scripts that even the actors couldn't salvage. Also saw 'Fired Up' which, other than the always good Eric Christian Olsen, was way below my already bottom feeding expectations. ECO is actually who I have as one of the character's in teh feature I'm working on now. For some reason, he's just funny in everything, like a younger Bill Murray who played more video games and did slightly different drugs. Did see 'Zombieland' twice...liked that flick a whole lot. the opposite of 'Righteous Kill' in that the simple concept and fairly straight forward cast is rescued from potential crap by just being really smarter than it should be. So that's all I got for now...good thing I don't post often enough to get someone writing me about how I've lost my journalistic integrity over this shit. If you do read this though, on a serious note, make a comment if you think I should just start posting more random things I find. I'm getting tired of posting it all on facebook. How much integrity do I have in regards to being a strictly "movie review" site. Peace, I'm out like Murph.

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