Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes On A Plane

Review by Michael Jaffe

I have seen the light and it is SNAKES ON A PLANE. While this film lives up to everyone’s expectations as a ridiculous, over the top action packed movie with Sam Jackson being badass, it actually exceeds the idea that it will be “so bad its funny” and is quite entertaining with out the chock-shocks. Everyone should know the basic plot, straight from the title, but what the title doesn’t tell you is that a surfer on Hawaii named Sean witness’s a murder committed by notorious gangster Eddie Kim. Sam Jackson plays FBI agent Flynn whose job it is to get Sean back to LA to testify against Kim. Unfortunately, Kim’s plan to kill Sean en route is to put a huge crate filled with deadly snakes on the plane timed to let the snakes free exactly mid way from Hawaii to LA so that the plane must keep going. So midway the flight, snakes are let free on the plane and mayhem ensues. The films snakes are occasionally fake looking and sometimes I could even identify a non poisonous snake or two attacking people, but for the most part the snake attacks are so ridiculous and awesome, you could care less.
The acting in this film is one thing that surprised me in the fact that other than Nathan Phillips, who plays Sean, the entire cast is really quite good. Other than the always brilliant Sam Jackson, Julianna Margulies, David Koechner and Sunny Mabrey all are entertaining and keep the action lively. Koechner especially is funny and boisterous as the sexually harassing Texan co-pilot.
I’ve seen this movie twice, once at 10:00 pm and another time at a matinee. The 1000 showing had the entire theatre yelling at the screen and cheering and throwing snakes. And if there was ever a quiet moment, the theatre started making snake hissing sounds. The matinee on the other hand had a girl tell me to shut up when I tried to whoop it up for the title. I recommend seeing a screening where people don’t mind yelling at the screen and howling at the vicious snake attacks. Remember its all about having fun, and SOAP definetly is tons of fun. 8/10

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