Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kicking & Screaming

By Michael Jaffe
Well, I think Will Ferrell cant not be funny. in a movie with a run of he mill plot, and stereotypical characters, Mr. Ferrell just acts as random as ever, except now he has Mike Ditka and Robert Duvall to back him up. Ditka actually competes with Ferrell as the best character in the flick uterring such classic lines as "new gameplan: Get the ball to the Italians!" based on the fact that no actual talent went into making this movie. the script is bland and the direction is nothing special from Jesse Dylan, director of 'American Wedding' obviously is highly skilled at letting his actors improv as the Stiff-meister apparently did in 'AW' and as Frank the Tank did in this little ditty. The story of a weak willed man who has a competetive father, the son then becomes coach of a competing youth league soccer team who start terrible but with the acquisition of two italians who work at the butcher shop, the team immeadeatly becomes incredible and the teams eventually meet in the championship. the kids in the movie are run of the mill, with the italians not speaking much english and their is the fat kid and the stupid jokster. the best kid though was Byun-Sun or "Bing Bong" as Ditka calls him. byun-sun's parents are two lesbians and the worlds smallest 9 yr. old just is funny for no apparent reason except that he is small and foreign. this film was absolutly nothing special, but the cast adlibbed it self to a decent kid friendly comedy.
7/10 and only because of Ditka, frank the tank (ferrell) and little bing bong

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