Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weezer "I'm Your Daddy"

Weezer used to be the best and most socially awkward rock group in the world, and now they seem to be the most famous music nerds who actually enjoy their fame. This songs video seems to show how much they actually like being where they are and how much they appreciate their fans. As far as the actual song goes, I never thought a pop producer like Uncle Luke would help Rivers, a guy with a great ear for pop, make an awesome pop track. I'm realizing now that when it comes to actually writing about music, I mostly do it about Weezer. I think that the reason is because of their odd place in the public eye. They started as lo-fi, independent musicians who made a great first major release, and then followed that up with a much darker, some would say better album with 'Pinkerton' that seemed to be setting them up for long term rock god status as River's song writing ability could do no wrong after two albums. Then came the 5 year hiatus during which lots of band turmoil unfolded. And then came the third album in 2001. I like 'The Green Album' which is short, sweet and full of great melodies. It wasn't as good as their first two albums, but showed that they could still do good things despite a long layoff. 'Maladroit' was also good. 'Make Believe' was really bad. And I love Weezer, and am completely biased in my appreciation of them, but that album is painful to listen to other than 'Beverly Hills', which still isn't good, but it's easy to listen to. But I have had an epiphany starting with 'The Red Album' in 2008: somewhere in those five years, Rivers decided to give up being a rock god and started doing Lady Gaga covers at their shows. And I am ok with that. Mind you, I still wonder sometimes what the album Rivers would've made in 1998, without the turmoil of the 5 years off, would've sounded like. I bet it would've been amazing. But really, fuck amazing at this point. With so much awful rock music going on now, I appreciate something that I can even listen to without cringing. I like it, and while their new music doesn't expand my horizons as much as it could, its good to have something in that zone that doesn't push anything, but is way better than anything that already exists in that zone. It's similar to other top-40 rock bands now, but just better. I wish I had a more expansive vocabulary to explain this, but I can't. I think the video above does as good a job as I can to explain my Weezer appreciation.

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