Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Captain America Reborn

To start, I just want to say that I read a good amount of comics if no one knew that. And I really do like Captain America the character and the book that bears his name. When he was killed a couple of years ago, I was sad, but dealt with it. Now, as he is coming back into the Marvel universe via “Captain America: Reborn” I am sadder than I was before, and not because of his death, but because instead of dying he was shot with a magical time bullet and got lost in time. I wish that there was a better rational for this, and *spoiler* Cap just got rescued from time and brought back to life, except with his arch nemesis, Red Skull, inhabiting his body. But a fucking time bullet? That is such unimaginable bullshit…of all the rationales they could have gone with to bring Steve Rogers back to life, they went with the “it wasn’t a real bullet, it was a time bullet” rationale? I am so infuriated by Ed Brubaker, an excellent writer, for going with this explanation without an ounce of irony about how ridiculous it is. And I fully grasp comic books and their ridiculousness: they’re comic books for god sake and shouldn’t be taken serious, but to go back and say that a character who was assassinated was actually shot with a bullet that got him lost in time is pushing the limits of what I will accept from a book. I will continue to read Captain’s stories because up until Reborn, they were brilliant tales of action and espionage, which is probably what made Marvel believe that they could get away with something that was so far “out there,” and that’s part of what is so infuriating. I know its bad and I should stop, but there is still that glimmer of hope that they title will get better eventually, and as long as the same creative team remains on it, I will be forced to keep reading, but really, fuck you Brubaker for doing this to the readers who don’t have a thumb stuck up their ass as they read the book. Side note, just to assure those of you out there who think he might’ve lost his mind, “Incognito” is still fucking fantastic whenever it comes out, which is rarely. So here’s to you Captain America for being so much. right up until you were shot with a time bullet. Gonna say it again: a time bullet that gets a person stuck in time. Time bullet.

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