Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter for a Minute and Something completely different

A disclaimer: this is not a review of Harry Potter. I saw the film yesterday (opening day) and it was pretty good. Except for some changes from the book that I found unnecessary and an extra helping of teen hormonal issues, the movie was a lot of fun and probably the best to look at technically. And for some reason, the score was great. It is most unfourtunate though that Ginny Weasley is a good chunk of height taller than Harry at this point. Oh well…What I am actually writing about though is a quick, 2 moments that I have had in the last week. While listening to the radio, I have found myself nodding along to and enjoying songs by unknown artists. When I finally looked down to see what the songs were I saw that they were in fact a Nickleback song and a Black Eyed Peas song called “I Gotta Feeling.” I wanted to make a confession that as soon as I saw the artists for this songs, I changed the radio then looked around at the other cars to make sure no one had caught me listening. But then I realized that neither of the songs sound anything like the artists previous work. So I wanted to tip my metaphorical sombrero to NIckleback and for changing up their styles and tricking me into almost enjoying their stuff for a matter of moments. It was fun while it lasted, but then their past histories of trash, garbage and utter pieces of shit that passed for previous work came to mind and I felt like I was infront of a crowd holding my dick. So with that, I have to go to work.

p.s. this is my 50th post on the site, so if you want to send me a present, I would accept it

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