Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

Review by Michael Jaffe

With such high expectations, it was going to be impossible for POTC:DMC to live up to them. What has happened is the jokes have gone a little stale and Jack’s a little meaner and a lot less light hearted as he was in the fist movie. If this wasn’t a sequel, it would probably look a lot better, but since the first movie was so good, the flaws are amplified and unfortunately ruined my experience. The story involves Jack trying to get a key to a chest to get Davy Jones’s heart so that jack won’t need to pay off his debt to Davy, which is his soul. The plot takes back seat to the hijinks and side stories of which there are many and just about everything works pretty well except the love story. Elizabeth falling for Jack was a little joke in the first movie, but it blossoms to an entire side story in DMC. I hated every moment that they were developing this plot because Jack’s a pirate and he isn’t supposed to love anything other than his ship and gold. And the other problem with this movie was how boring it got at parts. While a lot of the movie was go go go action bang bang stuff, there were too many scenes where I found myself yawning and the reason I because the dialogue lacked the crack of a whip sharpness of the first movie and came off as extremely forced in places. At least Johnny Depp was funny and drunk and excellent again in his role, even if some of his lines weren’t as great as before, he got enough shots off that I was kept laughing. Orlando Bloom is still likable and seemed more manly in this movie as opposed to a little fruity in the last one. I like the direction he’s going as an actor, even though he’s still too skinny to be a knight. The action scenes were cool and overall I had fun, but not as much fun as the first movie so now I’m really hoping the third movie is ass kickery. 7/10

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