Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mouldy's Movies

Review by Taylor Helgren

As a film aficionado, I have reviewed this website for the past couple of weeks. In these past weeks, I have found myself oscilating between obsessed admiration and unchecked hatred. Mouldy demonstrates a fresh, young perspective; you can almost hear the pimple-faced, afroed, socially inept sixteen-year-old shouting his reviews at the screen as the film flickers past. His reviews are a sensational blend of knowledge, emotion, and vivacity. Despite his eccentric passion and admirable opinions, Mouldy fails miserably as a writer. He shows minimal, if that, attention to grammar. His reviews are cluttered with run-on sentences, misspelled words, and blatant proofreading mistakes. His writing resembles his reviews; eccentric is the only word to describe it. You can never tell if he means their, there, or they're. If his neglect for simple English was his only flaw, he would be a reasonable, readable critic. However, his need to review a grammar book is almost as glaring as his need to hire an editor. He demonstrates a remarkable tendency to incessantly ramble. His failure to distinguish paragraphs indicates that he lacks any ability to separate his thoughts. Courtesy of Mouldy's writing style, his eccentricity degenerates into pure, raging lunacy. My advice to this young critic is to review his high school English text book and to look up "paragraph" in the dictionary. 5.5/10

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