Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith

Review by Michael Jaffe

Ok, finally. after waiting my entire life i have seen RotS and i have to say...SHIT! that was a good and a bad shit. the fighting scenes and the visual stylings of lucas have only gotten better as he has aged. so the plot everybody should have figured out over the course we know anakin must go to the dark side, but why did it happen like it did in the film? over the course of 20 minutes, we see anakin show devotion and love to padme, his wife, and then he kills 20 or so younglings at the order of the emperor who has recruited him. the change is provoked because anakin dreams padme dying during childberth and then the emperor or Darth Sidius plays off of this fear and promises that if anakin goes to the dark side, he can save her. but right after this is said anakin kills **** ***** and then cries about it. THEN he goes and kills the younglings and alot more people. this whole montage, an art lucas has refined to perfection almost, i sat there and just kept muttering "what the f*ck?" ok, so the plot had to go this way somehow. ok, the script, always one of lucas's weak points, did nothing to change that as the characters muttered cliche lines over and over again. the one scenes where the dialogue was exceptable was the scenes between the emperor and anakin, which it turns out were written by someone else. ok, the acting of most was fairly good, especially ewan mcgregor who now is playing alec guiness to perfection rather than obi-wan, which is great as obi wan IS alec guiness. natalie portman, recently nominated for an oscar for 'closer', turns in one of the worst performances i have ever witnessed muttering such lines as "hold me like you did on the lake on naboo when all we had was love" with the emotion of dead wood. albeit, the writing brought her down, but dear god, the sooner she got off the screen the happier i was because that usually meant more fighting. hayden christiansen is still one of the poorest actors in this series, and while he does sport a new hair cut, his childish, sulking ways to not. who would have expected 'the chosen one' to sulk his way to the dark side? ok, now the best part of this film far and above was the fights. with so many lightsaber battles including general greivous who ruled the 'clone wars' animated series, busts a move with his FOUR ARMS, each with a lightsaber. filthy, thats all that can describe it, filthy. so was the film good? it was no 'goodfellas' but the film was better visually than 'the aviator,' the film i though should have won best picture last year. so a 8/10 is merited on the back of general grievous and the comedy. ok, so "hold me like you did on the lake on naboo when all we had was love" wasnt suppsed to be a comedic line, but...

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Learn how to spell and use grammar you moron, and then I might take your reviews seriously.

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