Monday, May 09, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

I have just seen "KoH' and I must say that I was suprised with how much I thouroughly enjoyed this little flick. Ok, I shouldn't say 'little' as it was one of the largest scale movies that I have ever seen. The film was in noway 'Gladiator' as it was in fact much, much better. The film was artfully done with actual dialogue and character development. Some people may dismiss it, but if you step back, you will see that Ridley Scott has made a political statement, the only 'bad guys' in religion are the extremists who wish to kill different sects, and also to make a massive war film that shows the downside of reaping massive glory from defeating another side. This film is the first film I have seen this year that truly looks like an Oscar contender. As for scrawny little Orlando Bloom, as an actor he actually holds up with giant film persona's Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons. While Mr. Bloom doesn't quite look the part of a crusader, he tries his best and hits all of the right spots.
This film gets 8.5/10 for combining story with action, historical truth and a message that we all must make our own peace with God.

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